We Should Love Our Parents…,,Till Our Last Breath!!!

We Should Love Our Parents…,,Till Our Last Breath!!!

 Parents are considered next to God and never disappoint them. You are here in this world just because of God and your parents and it is enough if you remember these things. There are many parents in the world who gets frustrated by their children who are not even showing any respect to them. Parents do tolerate all our nonsense and stupid mistakes we do in our young age and they are the one’s who show us the way to lead life during that young age of ours. We should never forget our parents sacrifice for us for our own good and they were around us in our times of trouble. God will never let you free if you forget your parents, but god will always be there with you wit his blessings if you show your love to your parents till their end.

I do remember the days when i used to trouble my mom for each and every small things without worrying much on her. How difficult it was to my mom to meet all my expectations then. I do understand all these now and feel sad looking at some of the people around the world harming their parents.I know that God will never forgive these people.Do love your parents and keep them happy always. 

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