Dry Foods Donation – Kalutara

45 families delivered dry food bags on Monday and around 20 families delivered vegetable bags

This distribution was done in two villages. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to this. Because this is the time for many people to need help. But at the same time the prices of all the goods have increased so far and many people are helpless. Staying in the middle of the day A great help done in such a situation, a great donation

Many merits to all of you

Supported for this one

Harin Wijesundara | Hasith brother | Tharanga brother | Chandi Adhihetty sister who carried more weight here and Kolitha brother | Buddi brother | Erosha remembered her mother through Chanura brother and contributed to this event for good merits to the girl.

Darshana brother for vegetable bags | Nishad brother got involved…

Thank you so much all of you.

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