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Sathkara is a social service project initiated by students of National School of Business Management (NSBM) Sri Lanka, Faculty of Management 14.2 UGC Students and have large number of members outside the university too by now.

The project sathkara first started as a academic assignment for the students of NSBM – (National School of Business Management) Faculty of Management , UGC  14.2 batch. The students were given an assignment to do a research on whatever topic they want and present their results to the class for the Business Communication Model.

Group “Achievers” thought of doing something different. As suggested by a group member, they decided to conduct their research on “why there are so many elders’ homes in a well cultured country like Sri Lanka?”.

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Success Story

Then came the idea of giving an alms giving and conducting a programme for the entertainment of the elders, rather than just holding an interview. When this proposal was brought up all the members of the batch got together and the first ever event of Sathkara programme series which was held on 6th January 2015 was an immense success.

This way we could get very close to those elders’ hearts and they were very supportive to gain information. We felt like they were waiting for someone to listen to their stories. Team Sathkara was appreciated within the whole campus premises and was much motivated and encouraged by the lecture panel of the university too.

It was decided that they should conduct some informal interviews with some elders in elders’ homes and for this purpose “The Sunhinda Elders’ Care Centre – Pitakotte” was chosen.

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